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The Difference between Inshore Fishing and Offshore Fishing

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The Difference between Inshore Fishing and Offshore Fishing

What is the difference between inshore fishing charters and offshore fishing charters? There are a variety of charter experiences you can envision. For some, a fishing excursion is all about the adventure; for others, it is a time to sit and reflect at a much slower pace.

For fishermen, it is the difference between a day of inshore fishing, fishing near the shoreline or a day of offshore fishing, fishing out in the deep water. The difference between inshore and offshore fishing comes down to where you are fishing. Before you decide on offshore fishing charters or inshore fishing charters, you should be aware of how each one is different.

What Is Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing is fishing in the shallow coastal waters of a body of water. These are areas that are generally within sight of land. It is fishing that is within a mile of the shoreline. With inshore fishing, water depths are less than ten feet, but it is still within a mile from the shoreline. This means that your depth finder will have an arrow that stays near the bottom of the seafloor.

For instance, if you look at a map of the Eastern shore of Virginia, you will see that the coastline consists of bays and sounds. All of these bays and sounds are considered inshore fishing grounds.

Inshore fishing is all about relaxing and getting a chance to enjoy the natural beauty of where you are fishing. It is not the only experience that an inshore fishing charter has to offer. The closer you are to the shoreline, the more likely you are to catch fish. Because of this, you will be able to catch many different types of fish as well as ecosystems.

What Is Offshore Fishing

Offshore fishing refers to fishing in deeper waters outside the immediate coast. It means you are fishing at least one mile from the shoreline. This could be in the ocean or another large body of water such as a lake or a river. This is much deeper than inshore fishing, and it means that your depth finders will be pointing to the bottom of the seafloor. There is a much greater depth to water and many different ecosystems.

If you take a big circle around the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, for instance, you’re looking at what are considered offshore fishing areas. Anywhere outside of the sound and bay is considered offshore areas. Most of the fish species in this area rely on tidal activity to move oxygen into the water.

This is a single reason why when fishing in the open sea you need to have a special fishing vessel to go and pull fish out of the water, it is more about the comfort of being in the vessel.

What Is the Difference in Fishing Styles Between Inshore and Offshore Fishing

When you are offshore fishing, you are fishing in the deep waters of the ocean. This is where you are far from the shoreline. These areas are generally fished with offshore fishing vessels. When fishing at sea, you will be more likely to catch more fish and the fish will be of higher quality. This is because when you are in open waters, there is a much better chance of catching game fish.

When fishing with inshore fishing, there will be tides and currents that can take you out to deeper water. This is due to the water that is being pushed out by the ocean tide. This is why inshore fishing can be so dangerous. If you are not paying attention, you could end up ocean fishing. Your fishing charter will normally be much bigger than a charter for inshore fishing. The size of the boat and the number of fishing rods available will make your offshore fishing experience better.


Inshore and offshore fishing charters are just two different types of fishing charters. They are differentiated by where they are fishing. So before you head out on your fishing trip, you need to make sure you book the right one. Otherwise, you could waste your time fishing when you could be sitting at home reading a good book.

Before you set sail and go fishing, make sure you are getting the right type of fishing charter for the water you plan on fishing in. Showintail Inshore Charters offers Pensacola inshore fishing that allows you to see the beauty of South Florida waters. Book your fishing charter today and get the best fishing experience.

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