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Discovering Sure-Fire Rigs for Jack Crevalle Fishing

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Discovering Sure-Fire Rigs for Jack Crevalle Fishing

Are you looking to improve your jack crevalle fishing skills? Then you’ll need to know the best rigs for the job. Jack crevalle are large, aggressive fish that are easily capable of breaking lines and bending hooks. Though they are a common game fish around the globe, they are prized for their fight and their delicious meat. 

Many anglers strive to catch them, but few actually succeed. The reason for this is simple: Jack crevalle is difficult to catch.

In this article, we’ll share some sure-fire rigs to let you conquer the tenacious jack crevalle!

Bait Rig

This bait rig is a straightforward arrangement that can be applied in a wide range of circumstances and at practically any depth (although it really shines in medium to deep depths). You can use live or cut bait with this rig. Mullet, croakers, mojarras, shrimp, or crabs make excellent baitfish for jack crevalle.

Depending on the size of the jack you are after and the size of your bait, you may also use this setup with either live bait or cut bait.

A 3-way swivel, a pyramid sinker (or another sinker weighing more than an ounce), your hook, and some monofilament leader line are additional items you’ll need. This rig’s setup is really easy and uncomplicated. In reality, getting ready to start fishing simply requires a few fast actions.

Sliding Sinker Rig

The Carolina rig, often known as the sliding sinker rig, is most frequently employed for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. Most anglers believe it to be the best fishing lure available, and it works best when used to target the bottoms.

The sliding sinker rig’s exceptional versatility allows it to be employed with live, cut, or synthetic lures. You’ll need a hook or lure, a leader line, a robust swivel, and an egg sinker that weighs at least 1 ounce or more to build this bait.

You could continue using a leader that is 40 pounds or more and stronger hooks like 4/0 circle hooks or 1/0 bait hooks.

Two-Lure Trolling Rig

Fishing is known as trolling when hauling a lure or bait behind a moving boat. With this method, a fisherman may quickly cover a lot of water and find fish more successfully.

Due to the speed and aggression of jack crevalle, trolling is often a very successful method of boat fishing.

The two-lure trolling rig is among the greatest trolling rigs. This requires utilizing two lures at the end of your line, as you can surely guess.

The two lures of your choice, some fluorocarbon leader line, and a sturdy 3-way swivel are all that is required to make this rig.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind When Putting Together Your Jack Crevalle Rig

  • Use a strong, durable fishing line. Jacks are powerful fish, and they will test your line to its limits.
  • Choose a hook that is strong and sharp. A big, sharp hook will help you penetrate the tough mouth of a jack.
  • Use a heavier weight than you believe you need. Jacks are notorious for making long, powerful runs; you’ll need a heavy weight to keep them from breaking your line.
  • Use a leader that is strong and abrasion-resistant. Jacks have sharp teeth, and they will put your leader to the test.


Fishing for jack crevalle can be a fun and rewarding experience. However, it is important to know what type of rig to use to be successful. 

If you’re having trouble catching these fish, try using one of these rigs. The effectiveness of these may just astound you.

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