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6 Tips to Make Your Flounder Fishing Trip More Productive


6 Tips to Make Your Flounder Fishing Trip More Productive

Flounder fishing is an exciting and challenging sport that can be enjoyed by anglers of all ages and experience levels. While flounder can be caught from shore, boat, or kayak, the most successful anglers often use a combination of all three methods. Flounder is a bottom-dwelling fish, so the first step in successful flounder fishing is to find a good spot. Look for areas with drop-offs, ledges, or other structures that will hold flounder. Once you’ve found a good spot, it’s time to start fishing!

Here are more useful tips and techniques on making sure your flounder fishing expedition ends in success. Read on!

1. Keep Your Bait Close to the Bottom

Flounder are bottom-dwelling fish, so it’s important to keep your bait close to the bottom of the water column. The best way to do this is to use a heavy weight on your fishing line. This will help keep your bait in the strike zone, where the flounder are most likely to be.

2. Understand How Tides Affect Flounder Fishing

Tides play a big role in flounder fishing. Flounder tend to feed more actively during periods of high tide, which is often the best time to fish for them. Pay attention to the tide forecast before you go out, and plan your fishing trip around the high tide.

3. Use Minnows and Shrimp as Live Bait

Minnows and shrimp are two of the best live baits for flounder. Flounder are attracted to the movement of these baits, so they are more likely to strike. If you can’t find live bait, artificial lures that mimic the movement of these baits can also be effective.

4. Maximize Precision with a Baitcasting Rig

A baitcasting rig is a type of fishing gear that allows you to cast your bait with great precision. This is important when you’re fishing for flounder, as you need to be able to place your bait in just the right spot. Baitcasting rigs can be a bit tricky to use, but they are well worth the effort if you want to maximize your chances of success.

5. Constantly Moving Baits or Lures Are More Effective

Flounder are attracted to movement, so it’s important to keep your bait or lure moving. This can be done by constantly reeling in and casting out, or by using a lure that has a built-in action, such as a jig.

6. Flounder Relate to Structure

Flounder are often found around structures such as docks, piers, and reefs. They use these structures to ambush their prey, so it makes sense to target these areas when you’re fishing for flounder.


If you’re interested in flounder fishing, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, flounder are most active during the spring and fall, so those are the best times to go fishing for them. Second, they tend to stay close to the bottom of the water, so you’ll want to use a heavy weight to keep your bait close to the bottom. And finally, flounder are attracted to baitfish, so using live bait or lures that mimic baitfish is a good way to increase your chances of catching one.

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