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A Guide to Successfully Catching Redfish in Destin, Florida

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A Guide to Successfully Catching Redfish in Destin, Florida

Redfish are a blast to catch. They fight hard and are great at the dinner table. Redfish are also a top choice for many anglers because they are such a well-rounded fish.

To catch a Destin Florida Redfish, you need to know where to find them and what bait to use. Redfish like to hide in grassy areas, so look for them near grassy shores. The best bait to use for redfish is typically live shrimp or crabs. Read on to learn more about succeeding in catching this fish.

All about Redfish

Redfish are a type of fish that are usually red or copper-gold. They are called redfish because they often have at least one black spot on their tail.

Redfish are a type of fish that can be found in various locations along the coasts of the United States. These fish typically reside in saltwater areas such as lagoons, rivers, and brackish creeks; however, they have also been known to be found in southern states that border the Gulf of Mexico and on Florida’s Atlantic Coast. 

Redfish are a popular type of fish to catch for recreational and commercial fishermen alike due to their abundance in many coastal areas and their relatively large size.

Where Redfish Can be Found

Redfish are looking for two things: food and shelter. That’s why you’ll find them hanging around structures like grass beds, oyster beds, docks, rocks, and jetties. They especially love deeper estuaries and channels.

Redfish enjoy living in structures because it provides them with safety from predators and because there is an abundance of food. The structures also support entire ecosystems of crab, shrimp, and mullet, which redfish feed on.

When the Best Times to Catch Redfish Are

Redfish travel depending on the season to find food. They are willing to go wherever there is food available and are not particular about what they eat. In winter, redfish will try to avoid predators and look for waters with milder temperatures, such as creeks and dark, muddy bottoms. 

As the weather warms up during spring, it’s a good time to fish for redfish. Shrimp and mullet are flooding the waters, which makes redfish more active and willing to feed. Use topwater lures or popping corks to attract their attention.

The summer season is when redfish are active, but the hotter weeks may cause them to move to deeper waters to escape the heat. 

Fall is also a great time to fish for redfish because they are trying to eat as much as possible to prepare for winter. They can be found in shallower water than usual during this time, so it’s an excellent opportunity to catch them.

What to Use as Redfish Baits

Redfish are not picky eaters and will gladly gorge themselves on whatever baitfish they find. They have a strong sense of touch and sight, which they use to find food at the bottom of the water. Their mouths are downturned, which helps them vacuum up their prey.

Different types of bait work better during different seasons. In the summer and fall, crab and shrimp are good choices. During the winter, mullet and menhaden work best. You can also fish with artificial lures, which can be particularly effective in creeks or skinny rivers. 

Topwater jigs work well in grassy areas, for example. You can also try using rattling plugs or popping corks in murky waters. When using lures, it can be helpful to scent them with oils, as redfish tend to use their sense of smell when hunting.

The color of your bait or lure is essential when fishing, as different colors will be more successful in various fisheries. Choose bright colors like yellow, white, and green for best results.


While this was just a short introduction, you should now have a better understanding of what you’ll need to get started fishing for redfish. You’ll also find that this is a sport you can enjoy for a lifetime, so take your time and learn as you go. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn!

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