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How to Catch Saltwater Fish with Jigs during a Fishing Trip


How to Catch Saltwater Fish with Jigs during a Fishing Trip

Jigging is a fishing strategy where you use an artificial lure to mimic natural prey. The jig is a head-and-hook combo that you attach to a plastic body, which imitates a small fish. Today, we’ll learn how to increase your catch with some interesting jig fishing tips and tricks.

Saltwater Jig Fishing Techniques

There are numerous techniques you can use when jigging. First, it’s all about the bottom bounce. The bottom bounce is a jigging technique in which the jig is kept close to the bottom and bounced along the bottom, either in a straight line or in a zigzag pattern. 

The second jig action is the lift-fall, in which the jig is lifted off the bottom and allowed to fall back down. This action can be repeated quickly to create a very effective jigging action that attracts fish. This means that you should keep casting your line until either the line is in the water, meaning you’ve caught the fish.

The above techniques apply mostly to seated or horizontal jigging. For vertical jigging, you are fishing in deeper water where the jig goes straight down from the side of the boat. You then flick the pole up, reel in the slack, let the jig sink and repeat until you catch a fish.

The Kinds of Fishing Jigs

The jig consists of two parts: the jig head and the body. The jig head is typically weighted and attached to the lure’s body, which is often made of soft plastic or hair. Jigs are designed to imitate the appearance and movement of small prey fish and are often used to catch bass, trout, and other game fish.

The kind of fishing jig you need depends on the fish you want to catch and the water depth, hence the five kinds available in the market:

  • Round head: Also called the ball jig, the weighted head on this jig helps it sink quickly and move in the direction of the pull, making it a good choice for deep-water jigging or fishing in shallow water. It’s also effective for bottom-dwelling fish like flounders and groupers.
  • Action: Also called flipping jigs, these are a great way to add movement to your lure and attract big fish. This jig can be tricky to use, but with a little practice, you can get it to work well.
  • Football saltwater: This jig is best for redfish, speckled trout, and black bass. It’s meant to crawl over hard substrate and mimic small crustaceans or bottom feeders.
  • Live bait mimic: Some of these lures are designed to look and swim like real baitfish, making them irresistible to predators. These lures can be used in fresh and saltwater and are often used by charter boat captains and professional anglers to target big fish.
  • Bucktail: Bucktail jigs are one of the most versatile and effective for targeting predatory fish. They are designed to mimic the appearance and movement of baitfish, shrimp, and other small creatures that fish prey upon! This makes them ideal for anglers targeting various fish species.

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